Top 3 Ways to Beat the Summer Slump in Lancaster

Even though I’ve lived here most of my life, sometimes I need a little reminder and a nudge to revisit some of the great places close by!

We’re there, aren’t we? July is gone and you all know what that means: summer vacation is drawing to an end, the boredom, bickering and whining has set in (probably a while ago) and school hasn’t started yet. Sometimes we just settle into the same old daily rut and all we really need is to change things up a bit.

I find myself surprised at how all of our attitudes change for the better when I take the time to be intentional about getting out of the house and explore one of the many sights or experiences Lancaster has to offer! Even though I’ve lived here most of my life, sometimes I need a little reminder and a nudge to revisit some of the great places close by!

In case you’re feeling the summer slump like me, here’s the 4 top ideas of local things to do that’ll keep the kids/grandkids (and yourself) entertained.

1. Check out your local library! 

The Lancaster Library system is such an underrated resource for young families! Not only can you and your children stock up on books to read for a week or two, but there are also SO many fantastic activities and programs available. I think many local families are simply unaware of the incredible amount of free programs and events offered through the local libraries! They host weekly programs such as parachute and duplo playtime for toddlers, movie nights for families, book clubs just for tweens, reading time with dogs, and more! Sign your children up for the summer reading program while you’re there to earn coupons and free tickets as they read.

2. Try out a new park, playground or biking trail

One of my favorite things about this area is great outdoor recreation options we have at our disposal! Some of our family favorites are: The River Trail Daniel’s Den in Manor Township, the Safe Harbor playground and walking trail, and Oregon Dairy’s play area. Two relatively new playgrounds that we are excited about are the new Long’s Park playground and the Amos Herr Dream Park. Go here to see our blog post on great biking trails around Lancaster County.

Also, Take a look at this entire category of blog posts totally devoted to ‘Just For Fun’ in Lancaster County

And finally…3. spend a little bit of money

We can’t say enough about these local places, so check them out for yourself:

Tiny Town
Turkey Hill Experience
*Hands On House
*The Science Factory
Go N Bananas
Big Dreams Creative Arts Studio

I saw something going around recently on social media reminding parents that you only have 18 summers with your kids before they’re off into the world. Make the most of them!

How do we know all of these great Lancaster Local Secrets? We are local real estate agents and residents of Lancaster for more than 30 years!

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