The “Dog Days” of Summer

It’s almost August, and at this point in the summer many of us have already taken beach trips, mountain and lake excursions, and even some international adventures by now.  I don’t know about you, but when August rolls around I find myself wondering:  What in the world do we do with the rest of the summer?!  This is especially true when you have kids home from school. 

You’ve been to Dutch Wonderland already, as magical as it is, and maybe you’ve even been to Hershey Park a few times.  But there’s a reason this time of year is often referred to as “The Dog Days of Summer”.  Most of us are lounging like our canine friends, tired of the heat and getting antsy for activity.

The good news is that Lancaster has absolutely no shortage of late-summer activities and entertainment, and there’s plenty available for families with children, too!  We know some of the hidden gems you haven’t seen yet, and we’re only too happy to share.

For starters, are you dreading the heat each day?  As I type, the weather forecast for the next 5 days in Lancaster says the highs are in the 90s, and you know in central PA it’s not a dry heat!  What better way to spend these days at than at Sickman’s Mill, floating down the river?

Sickman’s Mill

PC – The “Dog Days” of Summer

Nestled between Willow Street and the Susquehanna River in Pequea, PA, Sickman’s Mill  has perfect summer fun!  Tubing, live music, and a hang out spot called Jimmy’s Place, where you’ll find the finest brews and spirits, sandwiches and even an array of food trucks that visit the Mill.  The tubing is family-friendly, with a shuttle that runs from Downtown Lancaster every hour on the hour directly to the Mill: you can’t go wrong.

Long’s Park


If you’re looking for fun closer to the City, or for your smaller kiddos, look no further than Long’s Park.  They’re celebrating the Amphitheater’s 60th anniversary this year, and there’s a host of live-music events left for the summer!  Not only that, but the playground was completely redone in 2018 and has fun features galore for small kids, including: sensory toys, puzzles, educational stations with  sound and playable chimes!  There are also plenty of physical activities for older kids, too.


Check out the Long’s Park Summer Music Series schedule for the rest of the summer here: The “Dog Days” of Summer

Big Boy Brass at Tellus 360


Maybe more music is definitely what you’re looking for to fill the summer evenings with a fun, cool twist.  Check out Big Boy Brass, a Lancaster-based all brass band punching out fun, energetic New Orleans-style brass music with added rock, funk and pop influences.  The band started out in 2016 playing on the street corners of Downtown Lancaster and ended up playing at various venues in and around the city, developing their own unique sound.  To me, it is the perfect way to round out a summer night! 

Check out their schedule below: The “Dog Days” of Summer

You can also catch them on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month on the Rooftop at Tellus360 from 6-8 pm!

This is just a snippet of the many “Dog Days of Summer” events in Lancaster, and you won’t find a better place to be with your families and friends.  Enjoy!

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