‘Hot’ Winter Fun

Winter can be tough! After all of the Holiday activities that fill our schedules in November and December, January can feel a little ‘off’ to say the least. Here are some great ideas for how to ‘heat up your fun’ this…

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The Christmas Bucket List

Less than a week away from the big day! We thought it would be fun to but together a ‘bucket list’ to help bolster the Christmas Spirit. See how many of these you’ve done: count up how many you’ve done and…

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The Tree House, Lititz – A Playground for Everyone!

The Tree House playground in Lititz is a spectacular, community designed, play space for children of all abilities. Just around the corner from Lititz Springs Park near Warwick High School, The Tree House playground has an incredible ‘community story’. In 2018,…

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You Might Be From Lancaster, PA if…..

Just like many small towns and beautiful areas across this great land, Lancaster has its own unique quirks, phrases and places. Most local residents don’t even think twice about these and when we do, it’s always good for a laugh. We…

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