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You have found yourself where the best kept secrets of Lancaster County, PA are shared. Have you ever traveled somewhere and talked to the locals about the best things to do…some off the ‘beaten path’? If that is what you are looking for, visit back here often!

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ROCKIN’ Lititz

Lititz, PA has all the charm and quaintness of a Hallmark movie. A main street lined with mom and pop shops, holiday parades, and even a chocolate factory. But perhaps one of the coolest and most unique parts of Lititz is Rock Lititz. So what is Rock Lititz? It’s a one-stop-shop for all things in … Continue reading ROCKIN’ Lititz

5 Hikes To Do This Fall

Ready to think about finding your perfect home in Lancaster? If you are curious about homes that are currently on the market, our website is a great spot to start your search! It’s officially Fall, y’all!  There are so many great walking trails and hikes in our area.  Between cooler weather and leaves beginning to … Continue reading 5 Hikes To Do This Fall

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