The Perfect Afternoon in Strasburg, PA

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Whether you live in the area or not, Strasburg, PA is an adorable, quaint spot for a day trip. It’s a picturesque little town with tons to eat and do, but today’s post is centered around what we’d consider the perfect afternoon here.

Breakfast, followed by a show, anyone???


Start your day early by getting to Agape Café, located nearby in Ronks. It’s the most delicious, Instagrammable café in the area. Be prepared to wait! But this wait is worth it for some of the best brunch foods around… Pancake boards! Brown sugar bacon?!? When I went a couple weeks ago, I split the five egg omelet with a friend and loved it. We cannot recommend Agape enough!!!


LANCASTER LOCAL SECRETS TIP: CALL AHEAD! I live about 40 minutes away from Agape, and luckily my friend called and put our name on the list before we left our houses.  By the time we drove there and parked, they were ready for us. I highly recommend calling ahead on Saturdays, which is when we went. *note that they are closed Sundays and Tuesdays.


After you indulge in a memorable breakfast, drive a couple minutes down the road to the second portion of the day: seeing a show at Sight and Sound Theater.


WOW. These shows honestly rival Broadway! And isn’t the outside just gorgeous.

I’ve taken my family here from the time my children were babies. Just when I think the shows can’t get better, the next one tops it. They are bible stories brought to life, with huge casts of talented actors, live animals (birds, camels, etc) and unreal stages/sets. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing most shows they’ve done over the years, most recently Queen Esther. It’s still playing now – hurry, get tickets before the show ends!!!


LANCASTER LOCAL SECRETS TIP: you can’t go to a S&S show without getting their amazing roasted nuts. Have you had the nuts sold on the streets of NYC? They are like that, but better!


And another reason to love Sight and Sound Theater… Wolf & Webb’s very own Derek Webb’s wife is an actress here! Go Gretchen!!!


Be sure to add these to your list of things to do in the area! We have no doubt you’ll plan another visit to go back and do all the other fun activities Strasburg has to offer.

How do I know all of these great Lancaster Local Secrets? I am a local real estate agent and resident of Lancaster for more than 30 years!

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