The Tree House, Lititz – A Playground for Everyone!

The Tree House playground in Lititz is a spectacular, community designed, play space for children of all abilities. Just around the corner from Lititz Springs Park near Warwick High School, The Tree House playground has an incredible ‘community story’. In 2018, ‘Play By Design’ unveiled their vision of what was to be built, based upon the input and feedback from the surrounding Lititz community.


Over the next 2 years the necessary funds were raised. Finally, across 2 weeks in September of 2020, over 550 community volunteers came together for construction, making ‘the dream a reality’. For more info, visit their site:

PC treehouselititz facebook group

Community Support Opportunity:

Today, there is an ongoing group of around 10 volunteers who do daily walk-throughs of the playground: picking up trash, emptying trash cans, checking for needed repairs and damage, etc. Thanks to the volunteer crew, this great play space stays clean and safe for everyone to enjoy all year long. If you happen to see them while you are at the playground, be sure to let them know you appreciate them.

If you would be interested in joining the volunteer crew, you can message them or message me and we will get you connected!

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Mary Sue Wolf

Mary Sue Wolf, real estate agent in the Lancaster and Lititz PA area. Mary Sue is a long time resident and knows the Lancaster area very well. #lancasterbestkeptsecrets are the insider tips to local dining, things to do and local information. #wolfdenrealtor

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