You Might Be From Lancaster, PA if…..

Just like many small towns and beautiful areas across this great land, Lancaster has its own unique quirks, phrases and places. Most local residents don’t even think twice about these and when we do, it’s always good for a laugh. We LOVE Lancaster!

You might be from Lancaster if…..

-Someone has asked you if you are Amish when you say where you’re from.

-Pie as a main course dish is totally normal. Chicken pot pie, spaghetti pie, cheeseburger pie….you name it!

-You know that real “chicken pot pie” has nothing to do with a pie.

-You think of a shopping mall and not skiing when you hear the words “park city.”

-You know what a mud sale is.

-You are a manure expert. By smell alone, you can tell whether it came from a cow, pig or chicken!

-The verb “to be” has been eliminated from your vocabulary. You see nothing wrong with the sentence “The laundry needs done.”

-You know that Long Johns are something you eat for breakfast, not wear to bed.

-You’ve bought roadside produce with an “honor box.”

-You know how to correctly pronounce Lancaster….it’s Lang-Kiss-ter not Lan-cast-er!

-You know what dippy eggs are.

-You pronounce the “roots” in Roots Market differently than the roots of a tree.

-You adamantly believe that doplic is a word…doesn’t everyone use it?

-You’ve been late for something because you got stuck behind a tractor or a horse and buggy.

-Your school district has off for the first day of hunting season and you have a ‘drive your tractor to school’ day.

-You know that a Wilbur Bud trumps a Hershey Kiss any day of the week.

-You’ve engaged in the age-old Turkey Hill vs Sheetz debate and have an addiction to Turkey Hill Iced Tea.

-You know the difference between an Amish and a Mennonite person.

-You know that Shady Maple is the smorgasbord to end all smorgasbords!

-You don’t even think twice about towns named Intercourse, Blue Ball and Paradise.

How do I know all of these great Lancaster Local Secrets? I am a local real estate agent and resident of Lancaster for more than 30 years!

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