Little Lancaster Dictionary

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If you just moved to the area, or are in town visiting, odds are you’ve picked up on the Lancaster slang and verbiage. You’ve heard it, but do you know what it means to native Lancastrians? Read the list below so you can speak in Lancaster tongue, too!

  • Outen the lights = turn the lights out
  • Red up your room = clean up your room
  • It’s spritzing out = it’s raining
  • Cellar = basement
  • Is it all? = is it all gone?
  • Philly = Philadelphia
  • State store = liquor store
  • Wooder = water
  • Slippy = slippery
  • Left the dog out = let the dog out
  • Look here once = look here for a second
  • I’m coming with = i’m coming with you
  • Macadam = black top/pavement
  • Jimmies = sprinkles
  • Rutts = correct pronunciation for Roots Country Market
  • Buch = “boo-que” Avenue

And of course, the classic names of towns you must know!

  • Lancaster = lang-kiss-ter
  • Ephrata = Eff-er-tah
  • Lititz = Lit-its
  • Amish = Ahhh-mish
  • Reading = Red-ing

Hopefully this makes understanding natives a little easier, and you’ll feel at home in no time!

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Published by

Mary Sue Wolf

Mary Sue Wolf, real estate agent in the Lancaster and Lititz PA area. Mary Sue is a long time resident and knows the Lancaster area very well. #lancasterbestkeptsecrets are the insider tips to local dining, things to do and local information. #wolfdenrealtor

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