Kids Day Out!

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When my kids were growing up we loved exploring the different kids activities in the area. Anything from Hershey Park to loading up in our van and driving to the Sesame Street Place in Bucks County PA. Those are great – definitely recommend! 

However there are some true local gems that my kids loved just as much as those big attractions. I’m highlighting three of their favorite museums below. They were great years ago, and they’ve gotten even better today.


You need to visit! Every month features a new theme designed to educate and spark interest in kids (and parents)! There is a focus on nature and science – what is amazing here is their Planetarium. Not to mention the live animal room, the lego lab, coding corner, and exploring the past with a life-size dinosaur skeleton. 


PC: Lancaster County Museums

With a focus on Science, Lancaster Science Factory is an interactive and fun museum for kids to explore STEM. It’s located in a reclaimed factory downtown. They offer activities almost daily – on weekdays and weekends. Check out their events schedule to plan your visit!


This has to be my daughter’s favorite from her childhood. Hands-On House offers multiple self-directed exhibits which lets kids learn and play with their parents in a fun setting. Kids can use their imaginations and explore in this fun and safe hands-on environment. There is a play grocery store, science room, tree house and so much more. We went weekly and it seemed to never get old to them. They also have amazing camps in the summer. 

If you have kids (or grandkids), any of these would be great options for a fun, new activity for your little one. These are Lancaster classics for a reason!

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