Berry Blasts

Wolf and Webb Realtors like to provide our clients personalized experiences where we not only work to help you sell or buy your home but also provide you ideas, suggestions and tips for the process and your time after. One way we provide tips is through our suggestions of things to do or ways to get involved in Lancaster County, this week we want to share with you more about the best spot to pick fresh produce! 

Located at 911 Disston View Drive in Lancaster you will find Shenk’s Berry Farm the best place to pick your own strawberries, raspberries and shop at a market! A family farm started in the 80’s. A small farm has cows, sheep and so many fresh fruits and vegetables you can enjoy all year round. The crops are sold at picking your own so you can find the best berries! If you want vegetables swing over to their market from July through November to stock up on delicious greens. The market is located in Philadelphia as well! All the fruits and vegetables are grown by the family, cultivated and cared for with incredible farm practices. 

Are you curious about homes that are currently on the market, our website is a great spot to start your search!

If you go to their website you can follow the calendar to see what is in season for picking from raspberries to blueberries. You can meet all your berry cravings in one spot while having fun while doing it! 

Raspberries season starts in June and pints go for $3.25 while a court goes for $6.00 talk about a deal! The strawberries go for $3.25 a quart as well and they accept cash, checks or FMNP vouchers! 

Picking hours vary so it is important to check their website before arriving. To pick your berries you check in at the gazebo, wash your hands and get a box to fill for your own. When you are done picking in the field you can return to the gazebo to pay for your crops! 

This is a great way to spend your morning, take your children out, or enjoy a day in the sun trying something new. This is a fun way to see where your produce is coming from instead of just grabbing it off the grocery shelf, and it’s an outing for the family or friends. Plus doesn’t it taste great enjoying what you picked…talk about a delicious summer treat.

Maybe you are using your berries for a smoothing, summer salad or delicious sweet dessert the options are endless! Maybe try making your own jam for the fall and winter months with your leftovers! Pick too much and unsure what to do with them? Give some to your new neighbors a great conversation starter to share how wonderful our Lancaster County is or check out Shenk Berry Farm’s website section of “Berry Good Ideas” for ways to use your delicious produce! 

Thinking of a way to spend your Saturday morning? Why not check out this local farm and see what it is all about? You will not be disappointed!

How do I know all of these great Lancaster Local Secrets? I am a local real estate agent and resident of Lancaster for more than 30 years!

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