Lancaster Nightlife

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PC: Altana

We all know days fill up quickly, whether it be with activities, errands, sightseeing, or eating at a delicious restaurant. Luckily, downtown Lancaster has tons to offer at nighttime too! If you are looking for a new place to head to after dinner, check out our list of some of our favorite downtown hot spots!


A hot, hot, hot spot for anyone over the age of 21! It’s truly one of the only places where you will see people of all ages mingling – young 20-somethings up to 60-somethings. It is an Irish pub with multiple floors. There’s a speakeasy in the basement, 2 floors of dance floors, a traditional Irish bar, and a green rooftop bar that is open year-round. If you are looking for FUN, go here!


Right next to Tellus360 is Altana. With an equally as gorgeous city skyline view as Tellus, this is the spot you’ll want to try if standing and socializing is not what you’re in the mood for that night. Altana is sit down with delicious food and an extensive drink menu. The overall ambiance is great, especially if you go while there is live music.


Fondly nicknamed “DipCo” by locals, this is a great, affordable option for a weekend meal in a fun atmosphere. It’s tucked in right next to Central Market – odds are you’ve passed it before. But it’s definitely worth visiting the inside and seeing why all the locals love it.


Yorgo’s has been around for nearly three decades! Located on the corner of North Queen and West Orange, you’ll find the recently renovated Yorgo’s restaurant, bar and lounge. It offers several floors of food (Greek!) and a lounge on the top floor which will make you feel like you are in a New York City club. There is usually a DJ or some live music. 


A more relaxed option, Decades is where you’ll go for FUN and drinks. It has a variety of hand crafted cocktails, beers and wines, not to mention delicious apps and entrees. What brings the FUN here is that it is an adult arcade! Remember how much you loved playing PacMan back in the day? They have it! Skeeball is there too! They even have a few lanes of bowling available. It’s always fun walking around playing arcade games, but even more fun with a delicious drink in hand and good company around.

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