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Wolf and Webb Realtors like to provide our clients personalized experiences where we not only work to help you sell or buy your home but also provide you ideas, suggestions and tips for the process and your time after. One way we provide tips is through our suggestions of things to do or ways to get involved in Lancaster County, this week we want to share with you more about a vegan restaurant in Lancaster.

Located at 223 West Walnut Street you will find a delicious eatery for vegans, and all people who love a good meal. Root is open Tuesday through Sunday providing patrons a space to eat, but also learn. Root works to provide a space that helps the environment in more ways than one. 

Root was opened in 2015 by a Lancaster resident who became a vegan. He has the knowledge of health and environmental benefits while creating this plant based space for patrons to enjoy! When you go to Roots you can see the restaurant and bar are a fun space perfect to hang out with friends or to try a new dish!  

Vegan means meals that do not use or try to stay away from non-human animals specifically while eating as well as in other ways like soaps, cleaning products and more. Vegans do not eat things like meats, fish, eggs but also do not eat products like dairy, honey and other products that are made from animals. Typically people that are vegans eat foods like vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, rice, breads and use dairy alternatives like oat milk, almond milk, plant-based butter and more. What is very cool about vegan food and meals is that you can create so many different types of dishes as well as desserts, pastries and treats! 

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The menu at Root is seasonal and locally sourced produce. This is a great way to support not only one business but multiple across Lancaster County…talk about Rooted in Lanc! Their menu changes each week as they work to use seasonal produce and locally sourced items. I suggest checking out their Instagram account to see the weekly menus as you look to try this spot for your next meal. Recently they had a delicious salad with quinoa berries, broccoli and sprouts in a vinaigrette. It was mouth watering! Another dish is an Italian wrap that is stuffed with artichokes, and other vegetables served with some delicious fries. The bar is always full of fun and delicious drinks from beer, wine and liquor. The variety is wonderful! Each week their menu has a large variety of options meeting everyone’s taste and needs. With the warm weather around the corner Root is a great restaurant and bar to try out and enjoy a seasonal meal with a refreshing cocktail! 

Root does so much to help our environment such as not having plastic straws, helping animals and reducing takeout waste. You do not show up to your table and see napkins or plastic ware on the table; this is only given to customers at the request of the diner. This is a way to help make a movement for the environment. The work they are doing is benefitting our local community and is a testament to many simple ways we can help. Their takeout system is creative. You can bring your own container to get your take-out meal or use one of their take-out boxes which are biodegradable and compostable, pretty cool! If you purchase a t-shirt from Root the money is donated to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center which is a rehabilitation center specifically for animals that are native to the state of Pennsylvania.

Currently due to Covid-19 Root is not accepting reservations because of the limited seating. That being said you can call for take-out or go to the restaurant and see if they have any open tables. 

If you get over to Root let me know what dish you get so we can try it next. If you are not a vegan but curious about what it means or what dishes would taste like why not give it a try? A popular trend right now is Meatless Mondays where people eat no meat for the whole day and eat plant-based, maybe you want to try this out and add Root to your takeout for the night! 

Whether you are new to being a vegan, want to support a company that is environmentally conscious or just want to try a new spot I suggest trying out Root! You will not be disappointed! 

Contact Mary Sue Wolf to look at homes and properties where you can enjoy incredible new food dishes whenever you want! You will love it here!

For more information on wonderful homes in Lancaster County, call Mary Sue at 717-333-9653 or visit her website at no home is too big or too small for our team. Wolf and Webb: Where People are the Key!

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