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Wolf and Webb Realtors like to provide our clients personalized experiences where we not only work to help you sell or buy your home but also provide you ideas, suggestions and tips for the process and your time after. One way we provide tips is through our suggestions of things to do or ways to get involved in Lancaster County, this week we want to share with you more about the history in our County.

As the spring is upon us that means amples of opportunities to get outside in our wonderful county! We have the ability to explore and experience so much of Lancaster especially in the warmer weather. It is a great way to learn about the history of Lancaster County while having fun! One of the places to check out is Hans Herr House located at 1894 Hans Herr Drive, Willow Street. This is a historic landmark from 1719! 

The Hans Herr House is a museum that offers tours of the oldest homestead in Lancaster County. While it is the oldest home in Lancaster it is also the oldest mennonite meeting house in all of the Western hemisphere! The home was built by Christian and Anna Herr now the purpose of this house/museum is based off of six core values they are education, preservation, accessibility, intentional health, relationships and faith. These values emulate through your experience be it a museum tour or attending one of the classes offered within this space. 

The Herr House is open April through October on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00am until 4:00pm. If you want to go into the house you need to go on a guided tour where you learn about the history, experiences and architecture. Tours are an hour and 15 minutes providing you with the opportunity to ask questions and learn from an expert. There is a small admissions price depending on your age as well as the size of your party as well as if you are a member. The house also offers events from their annual music nite to rare and used book auctions. They have learning tours, music, book sales, classes, family history heydays and special events, this space actively brings the community together in fun and creative ways.  

A unique and creative factor is that you can rent out Hans Herr for an event of your choosing…talk about a breathtaking location for your next family birthday party, bridal shower or work event! Not only can you rent the property out, they also offer school tours. These tours have a load of hands-on learning opportunities for students through workshops from games, butter churning, clothing making and more to historic demonstrations of cooking, candle making, storytelling and finger weaving. It really gets students to learn about the history of this land, and the people who lived here. 

If you are not looking to host an event and are not a student but want a hands-on learning experience you can attend classes at the Hans Herr House to build up your experience and knowledge. The organization offers multiple classes in blacksmithing, from ones meant for children to adult groups or one on one classes you can learn how to be a blacksmith and the art that goes into it by working with a true blacksmith learning and practicing this craft. For more information on pricing of classes be sure to check out their website! Sounds like an experience of a lifetime! During school field trips students have the opportunity to go into the Lancaster Longhouse on property to learn about Eastern Woodland Native Americans. The Hans Herr House also offers a fall festival for not only students but their families to learn about the Native Americans and Pennsylvania German cultures. 

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In the summers children ages 10 and older have the opportunity to hone in on all that the Hans Herr House has to offer by being a part of their Summer Student Program where they learn skills of blacksmithing, fraktur, gardening and more. This program is a wonderful way for children to meet friends while also having fun, you never know what passion might spark from the program!

If you or your children fall in love with the history and beautiful terrain of Hans Herr House you can also consider being a volunteer. Their volunteers do it all from the workshops and classes to the guided tours, volunteers have the opportunity to be a volunteer in what interests them while also working a schedule that best suits their lives so long as they can commit to half-days. This is a great way to give back to our community to a space that brings family and friends together to build knowledge of the rich history of Lancaster County.

Whether you want to learn more about what life used to look like in Lancaster County during the 1700s or you are interested in getting hands on experience with blacksmithing I challenge you to do something new this spring. Take time to learn and try new spaces and places within Lancaster County, fall in love with our beautiful space one new experience at a time. As we look to the warmer weather the Hans Herr House is a great idea to get the family outside on a beautiful piece of property and learn about Lancaster County. 

Thanks for checking out this week’s Lancaster Local Secret, did you know in Pennsylvania many call very thin deli meat chipped? Have a great week! 

How do I know all of these great Lancaster Local Secrets? I am a local real estate agent and resident of Lancaster for more than 30 years!

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