Lancaster Words and Slang

If you have moved to the Lancaster area, I am sure you would like to feel as though you fit in with the crowd. Here is a quick guide of some words and phrases that might help out all of us as we continually explore this wonderfully rich area. See how many you’ve heard:

1. Outen the lights = Turn the lights out.

2. Red up your room = Clean up your room.

3. It’s spritzing out = It’s raining out.

4. Cellar = Basement

5. Is the milk all? = Is the milk gone?

6. I’m going to the car nah onse. = I’m going to the car now.

7. Philly = Philadelphia

8. The State Store = Liquor store

9. ‘Wooder’ = Water

10. Slippy = Slippery

11. Left the dog out = Let the dog out.

12. Look here wunst = Look here a moment.

13. It feels close out = It feels hot/humid out.

14. I’m coming with = I’m coming with you.

15. ‘Macadam’ road = Asphalt paved road

16. Jimmies = Sprinkles for ice cream

17. Ruts = Roots(As in Roots market…check it out sometime!)

18. Dutch = Early German settlers

Simple Pronunciation Guide:
1. Lancaster: LANK -iss-ter (It is not LAND-caster)

2. Ephrata: EF-ruh-tuh

3. Lititz: LIT-its (It is Not LIE-TITS)

4. AAAH -mish – Not AIM ish or AM ish.

5. Intercourse (the town) – Just leave that one alone.

Happy Trails!