Escape Winter with an Escape Room Adventure

Winter is a great time to switch up your usual activities and gives way to some great outdoor activities like snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. I do consider these activities ’social’, but they’re not exactly my personal ‘top picks’.

This month we are featuring our local Escape Rooms. This fun, indoor activity has gained much popularity in the last decade, it makes for a great winter o rainy day activity AND is a fun social outing and/or team building exercise, too! So, if you haven’t done an Escape Room yet, give it a try this month, while winter is still upon us! 

pc Escape Room Lancaster

What is an Escape Room? 

A team of players are locked in a room and have to decipher multiple sets of clues, within a certain amount of time, to accomplish a goal: to find their way out of the escape room. Most Escape Rooms are not scary, but are themed and carry along a story. For example, Escape on Queen’s ‘September 1777’ escape room is themed around the Revolutionary War and when the Continental Congress retreated from Philadelphia and stopped in Lancaster for the night. 

One word of advice: take at least 1 person with you that is gifted at seeing the big picture and how everything fits together (think: project manager). Those you that have met my business partner, Derek, know that he would be in my top picks for complex puzzles and getting us out!

Even if you don’t escape in the time allotted, the point is to have fun and enjoy the company of those you are with. 

Our Lititz and Lancaster Escape Rooms.
Be sure to share your experience with us!

-Escape on Queen

Just up of Penn Square, they have 4 themed escapes to choose from. Check out their webpage at to see more info Derek says the next one on his list is ‘The Tavern’.

-Escape Room Lancaster

On North Christian Street with 4 themed escapes to choose from. They have a sister location in Hershey as well.

-Escape Room Lititz

Located in Warwick Center with 2 different themed escapes. The ‘Dracula’ themed escape is lit by candles and lanterns only, so its very dark and might be a little scary to some.

-Escape Rooms at Refreshing Mountain

Even if you have visited Refreshing Mountain before, I bet you didn’t know they had Escape Rooms. They even have 1 outdoor escape room! I’m assuming that is weather permitting anyway. Go here for more info:

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